Time to s… or get off the pot

I just got a quote to ship the truck & camper to South America (Ecuador): $2,000 plus whatever customs fees. I need to decide by tomorrow morning so the truck can leave May 16th.

What should I do: go on or turn back & drive back to Canada and visit the parts of Central America I missed (Like most of Nicaragua, El Salvador, northern Guatemala, Chiapas & Oaxaca in Mexico)? I am genuinely undecided.

What do you all think?


3 Responses to “Time to s… or get off the pot”

  1. fawnahareo Says:

    I didn’t know you were blogging your trip, Luigi! And goodness, I thought you were back in Whitehorse now. I’m so out of the loop. But I will now subscribe to your blog feed so I don’t miss a thing!

    As for your truck dilemma… I think the folks on FB already gave you some good answers on that! I’ve never travelled in Central or South America, so I can’t tell you which I’d prefer. Good luck with your decision!

  2. George Stetkiewicz Says:

    Cut bait and run i.e. turn back

  3. Jim from CT Says:

    Hey Luigi. Having known you but a few days I think you might consider other ways to continue the journey. Can you sell the truck in Panama when you finish with Central America, then fly to Colombia or Ecuador, buy a truck of similar vintage and continue the journey with “son of pick up truck”? Might be less expensive. Must be some on line sites for truck purchase in South America. Ciao and see you later. Jim

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