The perfect hotel room

Marilyn and I have been discussing what makes for a perfect hotel room. We are staying in a lot of places on this trip and all fall short in some small way or other, although most are actually quite good. What is it we want? Well, here is our list:

  1. Clean and cleaned daily (not necessary to replace towels or sheets)
  2. Good reading lights – these are absolutely essential to us who like to read.
  3. Comfortable bed (this goes without saying)
  4. Nice sheets
  5. A minimum of four pillows, preferable six (three per person).
  6. A place to hang one’s clothes and a place to set suitcases down.
  7. A desk with a comfortable chair
  8. High strength WIFI or cable internet
  9. Ice bucket and accessible ice
  10. A coffee maker with the filters and good local coffee replenished daily, along with both real milk and cream
  11. A small fridge. If you want to provide a mini-bar, do so, but not in the fridge that guests need to use.
  12. TV and DVD player for some people, although we wouldn’t miss it.
  13. Air conditioning (and fan)
  14. Instructions on how to flush toilet – sometimes can be confusing.
  15. Accessible soft toilet paper, and in Latin America, the right to flush toilet paper down the bowl
  16. Shelf for toiletries & toiletry bags over or next to the sink in the bathroom.
  17. Place to hang towels

This is not necessarily luxury, and it should apply to all classes of hotel (except possible the lowest).


One Response to “The perfect hotel room”

  1. Julia Says:


    There are never enough hooks…and BIG towels…towels are always too small and silly!! And someone should invent some kind of in-shower hygenic soap and shampoo and conditionner dispensers for hotel showers…never have to pack those disasters-waiting-to-happen again!! And while we’re at it, a proper place to dry wet or damp things!!
    Now I want to become an innkeeper…LOL!!

    Ciao Luigi and Marilyn!!

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