Antigua to Panajachel: Part I

After spending Tuesday night in Guatemala City, we headed to Antigua around noon the next morning. Our driver was quite proud of his son, who had an accounting diploma. However, he was not proud that he went to the States (I won’t mention where just in case someone from the US “Migra” is reading) to work in a restaurant for $500 every two weeks. Illegally of course, and he first had to refund the $5,000 to whoever arranged the trip for him. Let’s hope he manages to stay long enough to make enough money for him to go to university. The driver told us of a friend who had lived in Montreal for about 25 years. At seventy, he was still in great shape and in perfect health, much better than the typical Guatemalan of the same age. The old man drives a taxi just to keep busy, not that he really needs the money as the Canadian pensions are more than enough to live well on in Guatemala. Our driver’s take on it was that with good abundant food helps keep someone young. I would also ascribe not having to worry about your life or your health care.

Marilyn in hotel courtyard

In Antigua, we went back to the Hotel Entre Volcanes, where Jeannette the manager greeted us like long lost relatives. The maple syrup we brought her also helped. Anyway, the hotel is highly recommended just for the friendly service and the courtyard parking lot big enough for my truck & camper.

To be continued as it is now 10:00 PM and we want to go to Chichicastenango for the market tomorrow.


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