Back to Guatemala

Staying at the Hotel San Carlos on Avenida de la Reforma in Guatemala City, thanks to reservation made by my friend Lars. Flew from Calgary to Mexico City (5 hours) & then to Guatemala (2 hours). Flew to Calgary yesterday on Air North. Six hour layover in Mexico City airport. Yuck & tiring. But the flight from Whitehorse to Calgary cost more than Calgary to Guatemala City.

Mexicana Airlines must have the worst food in the world: it is positively inedible. I usually just try it just in case, hold down the nausea & then fill up with free beer and peanuts. Not that airline food is great, but the Canadian airlines food is sort of OK. I tasted the most disgusting pasta, tacos and french toast on three Mexicana flights so far. Mexicana has one redeeming quality: they still have free booze. But we were pleasantly surprised on the flight to Guatemala City: the chicken & rice they served was actually OK and I ate it.

Tomorrow, we retrieve the truck & camper, which is under a smoking volcano in an organic coffee farm in Antigua.


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4 Responses to “Back to Guatemala”

  1. tony Says:

    Ola Amigo,
    Que paso? Linda and I are enjoying San Miguel. Today is our 54th day and we have been travelling around locally to Guanajuato and Queretaro which we also like. Spending our 32nd anniversary w/3days in Queretaro. Back in Whse on 7 April.
    Sounds like you are having fun…say Ola to Marilyn for us and enjoy your trip!
    stay safe and healthy.


  2. del Says:

    You mean there is no pasta on the airlines? The world is indeed ending.

    • Luigi Says:

      There was what purported to be pasta on Mexicana, but it was absolutely inedible and too greasy to be used as wallpaper paste.

  3. Too Tall Says:

    Hello Luigi,

    I loved the write-up in the Yukon News about the Pick-up truck diaries. Travelling in S.A. sounds to me like a great experience for a Yukoner.

    Keep on trucking!


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