Back in the USSR

Actually in Soviet Kanuckistan facing Siberian cold. Yup, we got back to Whitehorse yesterday from Guatemala. We will be here for a month or so while I complete a couple of contracts and earn some money to continue the trip. I gave the driveway a blow job as a lot of snow fell in Whitehorse in the last few days and our housesitter–Belinda Harrow–didn’t have time to clear it all and she did not know that we had a snow-blower.

Coffee beans set to dry

The truck and camper are in Finca el Pintado just outside Antigua in Guatemala, an organic coffee farm. Philip and Christine Wilson were generous enough to let us leave the truck there. In addition to working as a coffee farmer, Philip also manages a company making appropriate technology water filters, Ecofiltro, which I think could also have applications in Canada’s north in exploration, hunting and fishing camps and other remote areas.

I also got together with Lars Pira, a good friend from our grad school days at McGill. Although we hadn’t seen each other for almost 30 years, we just picked up our old relationship immediately.


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