Where the hell are we?????

As I have been somewhat remiss in keeping this blog up to date, I will give you a quick rundown of what we have been doing. We are now in Antigua, the old beautifully-restored colonial capital of Guatemala.

Marilyn went to Puerto Aventuras, south of Playa del Carmen on December 6th. I joined her 4 days later on the following Thursday. We mainly hung out on the Mayan Riviera waiting for my bank card, including some snorkelling on the reefs in Puerto Morelos,

visiting the Mayan ruins in Tulum,

Chichen Itzaand Coban,  replacing the toilet seals in Sophie’s apartment, etc.

We left for Belize on January 2nd. Stayed in Corozal and then headed to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. (Described in the Belize Part I posting).  The next day, we went to the baboon sanctuary to see (and hear) howler monkeys, and to the wonderful Belize Zoo. After that, we drove to Flores in Peten department in Guatemala and visited the magnificent Tikal Mayan ruins. The day before yesterday, we went to Finca Paraiso (a working farm and tourist resort) on Lake Izabal in  southeastern Guatemala. We had a wonderful experience swimming in a hot spring waterfall in the middle of the jungle.

Last night we got to Antigua.

I intend to write up a few more blogs in the next little while. A second on Belize about meeting our monkey cousins, one on our tourist adventures on the Mayan Riviera, a major one on Maya culture once I get out of the Maya country, and one on impressions of Guatemala.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to “Where the hell are we?????”

  1. Giuliano Says:

    Ciao Luigi, Marilyn
    Noi siamo tornati il 5 gennaio. E’ stato Fantastico!!!
    Vedo che continuate il vostro viaggio. Sono contento.
    Se hai tempo e voglia, scrivimi.
    Io ti rispondo sul blog, in quanto le mie email, vengono rifiutate come spam.

  2. Tulum Mexico Spanish School Says:

    Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.

  3. carmen Says:

    Hi. I actually liked reading through your current writing!. Top notch written content. I would advise you to do articles more often. In this way, having such a helpful site I imagine you may rank higher in the search engines 🙂 . I also subscribed for your Rss. Continue the excellent job!

  4. Doris Says:

    hiiiiiiii!!! nice pictures, I`m Doris from Finca El Paraiso, actually am not there now i came back to the city, i hope you`re having a nice trip. Take care, nice to meet you bouth,



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