More wet and windy coast

Vancouver November 18. Got the truck back this AM and bought a digital voice recorder and six small bottles of ice wine. Also had the muffler and tailpipes replaced this afternoon. Not bad, the originals lasted 20 years, so I can’t complain about having to replace them. So there, all you FoundOnRoadDead fans! (or boy sheep fans, although I do have one waiting for me in Whitehorse)

Left Ariel’s place around 4PM, tanked up at a Shell on Knight Street and got stuck in Vancouver traffic. Very high winds and rain led to a number of ferries being cancelled. Got to the border around 5:15. The border guard was not very friendly and commented “There are economists in Whitehorse?” after I answered his question about what kind of work I do. Anyway, he let me go through no problem, didn’t even look in my camper in case it was chocko-blocko full of wetback terrorists, which is what Canadian customs usually do. Got on the I-5 and I had forgotten how easy driving is on those expressways.

I thought I would make it to Seattle by 7:30 or so, but then decided I wanted the cozy feeling of staying in the camper rather than a motel. I thought of what to have for supper as I had given away all my fresh food to Ariel, but decided on canned soup. I found a sign for Wenberg State Park about 10 miles from the I-5 north of Everett. I figure I’m only about half an hour from Seattle, so I will visit tomorrow & stock up on fresh foods from the Pike Street market.

My umbrella is falling apart, so I’ll have to get one tomorrow and figure out how to use the voice recorder I got at the Metrotown Source store.



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