Departure day

Truck and camper

Truck and camper in Whitehorse

Today I leave. Cloudy with a chance of snow flurries and in Whitehorse, -1 degrees Celsius. We got a skiff of snow yesterday. Along the way today, Teslin should be cloudy with chance of flurries period, 0 degrees and -2 and a chance of flurries  in Watson Lake.  Destination planned for tonight is the Liard Hot Springs (BC Provincial Parks web site). Tomorrow, Dawson Creek or Prince George depending on road conditions and how I feel. No internet access along the way, so I might post again on Friday night.

Love and kisses to all.



6 Responses to “Departure day”

  1. Karl Caillouet Says:

    Bon voyage …

  2. Scott Milton Says:

    Go Luigi Go! Have a great trip – looks like an awesome adventure.

  3. Rob Sekeris Says:

    Robatoy here… you, sir are a mad man.
    Jealous here….

    Safe journey!

  4. Rick Says:

    Bon Voyage and happy trails! All going well, I will see you in Vancouver on Sunday evening. I arrive at the airport at 5:10 PM on the Air North flight.

  5. Your cuz Mike from MTL Says:

    Woohoo …. The journey begins!!!! I can’t wait to heat about the different climate changes! : )

  6. Mike's wife Julia from MTL Says:

    Bon voyage Luigi!!
    Anchors Aweigh!! Tally-ho!! Happy Trails to you!! Etc. etc.

    BTW, that is one sexy camper/pick-up truck!!



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