More delays

Well, I didn’t leave today. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday morning with David Ashley doing electrical work on the camper: wiring a new battery in the camper charged from the truck, installing  inverter so I can use 120Volt stuff. I still have to fix the connection to the camper clearance lights, but that involves going under the truck and neither David nor I relished the thought of lying in the snow.

This morning (Monday), Del Young came over & fixed the propane heater in the camper so I don’t freeze to death at night on the way south or up high in the Andes. The pilot flame was very weak and difficult to light. Del took the heater apart and reamed out the pilot with a very thin reamer. Works great now.  Last time we needed it while moose hunting, Malcolm & I could not get it going, but we did use the stove burners to generate a bit of heat.

Lots of shopping and running around this afternoon: groceries, coffee, maple syrup, truck registration, health insurance (cheap @ $128 for 3 months), travellers’ cheques, Crappy Tire yet again, steering wheel lock & a padlock & good security advice from Eamonn Campbell at Locksmith Services, etc.

I just installed Skype on our computers (my ID is luigi.zanasi if you’re interested).

A bunch more stuff left to do: installing shelves in the camper, finish cleaning up the camper & the truck, getting the bolts on the winch tack welded so it can’t be easily stolen,  and making sure I have everything I need to take. Tagliatelle with ragu’ tonight, the last for a while, I guess.

Maybe I won’t leave tomorrow; well, not before the afternoon anyway.



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