Delay in departure

I realized that i have to renew the registration on my truck as it expires November 30. Fuck hostie porca puttana!!!! I can’t leave until Monday instead of Sunday as I was hoping. Tomorrow, David Ashley is going to help me with the electrical stuff on my camper & truck so I can recharge my laptop, shaver & keep my koolatron fridge going. Today, I got a few tools at Crappy Tire, like a cheap drill and drill & screwdriver bits, and a new propane tank so I can use the old one on the camper.


4 Responses to “Delay in departure”

  1. Jean-François Says:

    Don’t forget an AC-DC converter that hooks up to your truck battery. You can run a myriad of appliances off of that, including tools, lights, heaters etc.

  2. pickuptruckdiaries Says:

    Yes, I just spent the day with David Ashley installing an inverter and a new deep cycle battery so i can do just that. Hostie, que c’est des tab…ak de problemes la crisse d’electricite dans les campers pour s’assurer que tout fonctionne.

  3. Dooug Rutherford Says:

    Remember that a few days delay often means a few more days to remember things you’ll need.

  4. Giuliano Says:

    Sei proprio invecchiato Luigi…..
    Comi hai potuto dimenticarti di rinnovare la registrazione del tuo pick up????
    Benvenuto nel club degli anziani…..peccato che io sono molto più giovane di te…
    Buon viaggio!!!!
    Ti rammento il nostro appunatmento ad Ushuaia.
    Ti dò un’informazione di servizio…..
    Brinderemo al nuovo anno con una bottiglia di PICOLIT. Lo conosci questo vino???
    Ciao a presto

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